Natural stone waterfall and slide - Waterscapes, Inc.
Swimming pool island with fire pit and upper level negative edge pool - Waterscapes, Inc.
Gray flagstone deck, in pool tiki bar and swimout fountain - Waterscapes, Inc.

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Clients of Waterscapes, Inc not only receive exceptional customer service and care, but they also get the finest natural stone and landscaping available.  Waterscapes, Inc offers an outstanding craftsmanship guarantee.  Our natural stone will not stain your pool or deck, because we select only the right kinds of stone for this setting.  Moreover, our waterfallsfountains and water features will not leak because of our process, solid construction and materials used.  Our products won’t wear away from Florida’s harsh conditions or from chlorinated pool water.  

Make the most of your backyard, garden, or patio with a custom design by Waterscapes, Inc.  To get started, contact us by phone at (813)625-2593 or via email at

(813) 625-2593