The Benefits of Using Flagstone
The variety and versatility of flagstone make it a great choice for the patio or garden.  Because the stone we use is extremely flat, it works well for walkways or decking.  The quality of our stone source allows us to build incredibly flat decks. Both durable and low-maintenance, flagstone works extremely well outside. It resists wear from Florida’s relentless summers.  Its rustic look and color variations blend with virtually any design or style.

Custom Flagstone Patios and Walkways
Flagstone’s unique properties make it ideal for many landscaping purposes.  Flagstone decking beautifully complements swimming pools and spas and resists moisture extremely well.  Meanwhile the stone is also the perfect choice for patios and walkways because it can be matched to almost any design or color palette. 

Despite its durability, flagstone can be delicate to install.  The artisans at Waterscapes, Inc are experts at handling and installing flagstone.  We also bring an artistic eye to the process, taking care to choose beautiful stones and create just the right look.  Our outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that our clients get stunning flagstone walkways, patios, and decks.  

Transform your backyard or garden with flagstone walkways and patios.  
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Gray flagstone deck
Flagstone pool deck
Flagstone swimming pool deck

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