Florida is the perfect place to entertain outdoors.  Homeowners can create the ideal entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen or barbecue.  An excellent way to extend outdoor living space, outdoor barbecues and kitchens add luxury and functionality.  Designing and building outdoor kitchens and barbecues requires skill, experience and creativity. 

Built-In Barbecues
Most built-in barbecues are created around a grill insert, which can be either charcoal or gas.  The best location for a grill depends on the layout and landscaping of each home, as well as how often the grill will be used.  Built on a concrete foundation, a built-in barbecue may be finished with bricks, cultured stone or natural stone, to match the rest of the patio or backyard.  

Unlike most outdoor kitchen builders, whose products are assembled in a warehouse and delivered to the home, Waterscapes, Inc builds directly on site.  We use either block or steel-studded frames to support the structure and provide a concrete foundation if the grill will not be on a porch or will expand beyond the existing deck.  Waterscapes, Inc kitchens are generally finished with either natural or cultured stone and feature stone tops of either granite or flagstone.  

Designs may be minimal or more elaborate.  Many outdoor “grill masters” desire an easy place to store utensils or built-in lighting. Eric has had several write-ups in the food section and has won several grilling awards in the Tampa Bay area – he knows what makes a grill great. He has extensive experience creating outdoor grills in a variety of settings.  Working around an existing grill or providing one from a reputable manufacturer, we build custom grill islands that flawlessly fit with outdoor landscaping. Waterscapes, Inc can also provide sinks, ventilation hoods, refrigerators and access doors.  

Outdoor Kitchens
To supplement the traditional barbecue grill, some homeowners need a complete outdoor kitchen.  These spaces may include amenities like mini-refrigerators, wine coolers, sinks, or islands.  Outdoor or “tiki” bars are also quite popular.  These areas allow homeowners complete flexibility when they wish to entertain.  Well-built outdoor kitchens also significantly improve the value of a home.  

The process of creating and installing an outdoor kitchen requires careful planning and expertise.  At Waterscapes, Inc, we help our clients articulate their vision for their outdoor kitchen and execute that vision with care, respect, and artistry.  We use natural stone and other high-quality products to ensure that each space is functional, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.  

Our Custom Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplace Designs
At Waterscapes, Inc, we pride ourselves on original designs that fit the needs and aesthetics of each client.  We essentially begin each project from scratch.  We work hand-in-hand with each client to create a new design and choose the right materials for a beautiful, functional custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace.  

Because we carefully select the materials by hand, our clients know that their fire pits and fireplaces are both attractive and durable.  We strive to maintain extraordinary craftsmanship in every project.  We take our time to build outdoor fireplaces and fire pits from only the best materials.  Fire pit options range from remote control, electric, or gas burning, to wood-burning—and from the intimate fireplace for two, to the blazing bonfire before the big game. 

If you would like a stunning outdoor kitchen, fireplace or barbecue, contact Waterscapes, Inc today.  Reach us by phone at (813)625-2593 or via email at info@waterscapesfl.com.  

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