The look, feel and sound of water invigorate the senses.  A water feature of any size easily becomes the focal point of any yard or garden.  Complement outdoor landscaping with backyard ponds, fountains or waterfalls.  

Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls
Long a favorite of avid gardeners and nature lovers, backyard ponds offer a whole new ecosystem in the yard.  Homeowners may stock garden ponds with fish or water plants Regardless of their size, backyard ponds bring new life to the garden.  The impact of a beautiful outdoor pond adds value to any home.  

Homeowners can maximize that value by using natural stone and other organic materials for pond construction.  At Waterscapes, Inc, we counsel our clients on the best materials for their backyard pond projects.  Each pond we create is completely unique. We choose natural stone that complements the look and feel of each client’s outdoor landscaping. Waterscapes, Inc guarantees the quality and durability of all its backyard ponds and waterfalls.

Landscape Fountains
Fountains are a great choice for homeowners who want the beauty of water, without the maintenance of a pond ecosystem.  Nestled among other landscaping, fountains bring both charm and elegance to the garden.  Many homeowners begin with container or standalone fountains, but decide that fountains deserve a more prominent place in their outdoor landscaping. 

For these homeowners, Waterscapes, Inc creates and installs fountains of all styles.  Whether casual or formal, traditional or contemporary, our fountains always delight clients.  At Waterscapes, Inc, our job doesn’t begin and end with fountain installation.  We interview our clients to get a firm grasp of their vision and use that vision to guide a comprehensive plan.  We integrate each fountain with landscaping, flagstone decking or other exceptional features. Formal fountains make breathtaking centerpieces to circular driveways, courtyards or front entries. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple backyard pond or an intricate natural stone waterfall, 
Waterscapes, Inc has the expertise to build your garden masterpiece.  
Contact us by phone at (813) 625-2593 or via email at info@waterscapesfl.com.  

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3-tier fountain

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