Dedication to Outdoor Artistry
Eric Haines started Waterscapes in 1984.  He launched the company purely out of his love for working with natural stone and creating beautiful, natural water features and stone hardscapes.  Eric finds great satisfaction in finding the perfect fit for each rock and each element in the overall design. Since Eric designs each Waterscape specifically for each client, no two Waterscapes look the same. All clients get unique, functional creations that fit their lifestyles.

The Waterscapes, Inc Design Process
Whether he’s building a simple backyard firepit or an entire personal theme park, Eric follows the same meticulous design procedure. He works closely with each client to evaluate their goals, needs and style.  Next Eric comes up with a design that matches those specifications and fits each client’s budget.  During the installation process, Eric takes time to educate our clients on how to extend the life of their landscaping and water features through proper care techniques.  Eric will even take his clients shopping for the materials.

Unlike other swimming pool remodeling or landscaping companies, Eric prides himself on craftsmanship and durability.  He refuses to sacrifice quality for time and enjoys sharing the process with homeowners.  Waterscapes, Inc. customers consistently voice appreciation for Eric’s honesty, workmanship and respect for their homes and gardens. 

Waterscapes, Inc works independently and partners with many local swimming pool companies, builders and designers. 

To start designing a Waterscape for your outdoor space, contact Waterscapes, Inc today.  
Reach us by phone at (813)625-2593 or via email at info@waterscapesfl.com.

We are fully licensed and insured.
Contractor licenses:  SCC131150061 & SCC131150062

Natural stone grotto and spa - Waterscapes, Inc.
Pool swim out with stone coping, stone spa and grotto - Waterscapes, Inc.

Natural stone planter edging - Waterscapes, Inc.
(813) 625-2593
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