At Waterscapes, Inc, we specialize in every aspect of water movement.  Our clients get long-lasting value from custom-designed waterfalls and outdoor pool areas that blend seamlessly with their outdoor landscaping.

Breathtaking Waterscapes and Landscaping
Bring the natural beauty of water to your home or garden with Waterscapes, Inc.  A true artisan, Waterscapes, Inc. Founder Eric Haines builds stunning water features and stone hardscapes with the finest natural stone materials.  He works closely with each client to create an original design that fits each client’s individual needs. 

Rather than simply creating a water feature, Eric can provide an entire outdoor landscaping plan that incorporates lush foliage and other natural elements. 

Swimming Pool Remodels and Spa Designs
Give the swimming pool and spa a true facelift with natural stone and fresh outdoor landscaping.  Waterscapes, Inc works with each client to create a unique design that truly complements each homeowner’s taste and aesthetic.  Complete your swimming pool remodel with Waterscapes, Inc for a virtually maintenance-free finish. From swimming pool grottos and waterfalls to secluded natural stone spas, these waterscapes bring charm and depth to outdoor living spaces.

Flagstone Decking
Proper installation of flagstone requires both skill and expertise, as well as quality material.  We specialize in laying flawless flagstone walkways, patios, and decks.  The ideal match for natural stone waterfalls and outdoor living spacesflagstone is a
low-maintenance solution that fits virtually any outdoor environment. 

To begin the process of designing your own Waterscape, contact Waterscapes, Inc today.  

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